We’re proud to introduce the first edition of Feminist Propaganda, brought to you by the incredible people of the Ladies Who Create community. It features the stories of talented, creative womxn who are navigating their own careers and journeys in New York, Montreal, San Francisco, Barcelona, Moscow, and beyond. Browse the magazine online or request a printed copy of our new magazine here.

Note: We use the word womxn as an alternative form of the English words women and woman. Womxn explicitly includes non–cisgender women and functions in a manner similar to the words womyn and wimmin—as a rejection of the sexist etymology of the words women and woman. As we evolve, so too does our language.

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Spirit of Joy Planner

Prioritizing joy in our working lives. With this Spirit of Joy Planner and group facilitation guide, we want to design space for joy, and plant the seeds for building a culture that takes joy as a priority.