We believe
Simple is magic
simple is magic
, and business software should be elegant and intuitive—your tools for work should work for you.
We believe
Joy is the engine
joy is the engine
that powers all the best ideas. So we’re designing a way of working that makes space for it, removing the distractions, interruptions, and frustrations that get in the way.
We believe it’s important to
Connect all the dots
connect all the dots
. We design Dropbox to seamlessly integrate with the tools you already use, so everything—and everyone—plays well together.
We believe you should work
The way you want
the way you want
. One person’s perfect workflow is another’s formula for burnout. We’re building a collaborative platform—you can dance on it however you like.

Jobs at Dropbox

Help us reimagine the way work works! We’re always looking for talented, passionate, open-minded people to join our team.