She is a ray of sunshine and brings a lighthearted spark to her creative practice. We asked her a dozen questions about work and identity. Here’s what she said:

How do you describe your creative practice?

Fun, and also more fun!

What’s the best career advice you’ve received?

Me to me: You can’t make everyone happy, so you might as well make yourself it.

Lori Novak

Photograph by Chris Behroozian

Lori Novak

Image by Lori Novak

Who do you look up to for career inspiration?

Harry Styles, because he politely does whatever he wants. He’s not a womxn, but he does bend gender norms pretty gracefully.

How do you train your creative muscle?

Constantly coming up with ideas. Ideas for anything. I keep them all in my phone.

Lori Novak

Photograph by Lori Novak

Lori Novak

Photograph by Lori Novak

What would you tell someone who wants to bring more fun into their work?

I don’t blame them. All work should be fun!

But “fun” is a particularly difficult concept to define. Everyone’s version is different, and that’s what is fun about FUN! Try things: bright colors, animations, embedded links, dad jokes. There are so many different types of fun, and none of them are wrong.

How do you navigate anxiety about work?

Perspective always helps my anxiety seem small. Why am I freaking out when there are way more people going through much worse? Deep breaths. Be present. One thing at a time.

How do you overcome a creative rut?

I get really pissed at myself and call my mom. Stepping away completely and doing something else usually helps. Clean, read, or take a walk!

Gratitude Post

Photograph by Chris Behroozian

Gratitude Post is an internal postal service that Lori designed with the black ops team as a way to inspire us to express gratitude for each other.
Lori Novak

Photograph by Lori Novak

Lori designed a magnetic mural to add a moment of fun to the halls at Dropbox HQ.

How does your identity as a womxn inform your work?

Inherently. So much so that it’s hard to put into words.

What does feminism mean to you?

Letting my talent and character earn your respect, not my gender.

How have communities like Ladies Who Create impacted you?

When I first graduated, a womxn-built team outside of my job (which I didn’t care for) was the only thing that kept me excited about design and my future in it. These groups are so important for keeping us connected and human.

What do you want to be doing in five years?

Same as now, but better and with a dog.

What message do you have for womxn in the creative community?

We are the hardest-working people I know.

Lori Novak

Photograph by Lori Novak

Lori Novak believes in fun!

Lori brings fun into her design practice, and we hope her story sparked a little joy for you. Learn more about the black ops team here.

If you enjoyed reading Lori's story and would like to learn about other creative womxn, request a personal copy of Feminist Propaganda.

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