Enlightened ways of working require new ways of understanding how we connect. Our workplaces of the future must not only provide for the productivity needs of distributed teams, but must also help people create and grow workplace relationships and foster an environment in which they feel like they belong.

To create nurturing relationships, connections, and create a sense of belonging within the workplace and beyond, we need to intentionally design our interactions and learn how we can redesign the feeling of connection in a virtual world.

Inspired by the principles of tarot, we designed a set of cards to build connection through the power of stories and play. The power of tarot is that it is a wonderful outlet to gain insight and share the stories of our community. We’re using stories as conversation starters to make people and teams feel connected: Every community and every person is full of stories. By sharing our stories with one another, we explore our similarities, uncover differences, and learn to connect on a deeper level.

Our aim with these cards is for teams to create a virtual parlor and safe space. They prompt us to share and understand parts of our deeper selves to create a more humane, purposeful, equitable, and inclusive work culture.

The Corporate Tarot Connection Cards have been designed in collaboration with “out of office Network,” a monthly newsletter and thought platform that explores ideas and offers tools as well as resources to inspire your workday with the things you do in your downtime, creating a work life and culture that promotes creativity, community, and well-being.

Like all Dropbox Design Culture Kits, the Corporate Tarot Connection Cards are free, adaptable, and designed for anyone who wants to make work better. We’re sharing our tools to empower and equip you to shape your own work culture.

PDF available in color and black and white

Access our Miro Board here

You can also request a physical set here.

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