At Dropbox, we work in a distributed fashion across multiple countries all over the world. We emphasize the importance of sharing work early and often. And with our new shift to Virtual First, we’re relying more heavily than ever on synchronous collaboration tools.

The design tool Figma is a mainstay among such tools. We use it for a lot more than just designing the Dropbox interface or managing our design system. We use Figma for running design sprints, synthesizing research as a group, creating presentations, workshopping team priorities… the list gets longer every day.

But a collaborative tool is only as effective as its collaborators. That’s why product designer Cheechee and UX writer Cate ran a training session to teach non-designers at Dropbox the basics of using Figma to keep everyone on the same page.

This 30-minute workshop helps you to walk your cross-functional counterparts (engineering, analytics, and product) through the basics of Figma—something like a Figma 101™.

This workshop has proven to be super helpful in reducing friction in our design process and in working with cross-functional peers.

The Cross-functional Team Collaboration Kit, along with all of our Culture Kits, is free, adaptable, and made for anyone who wants to make work better. We’re sharing our tools to empower and equip you to shape your own work culture. What ideas will you generate with this Toolkit?

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