At Dropbox, we work in a distributed fashion across multiple countries all over the world. Although we try to make sure our team members feel tight knit, running design-ideation sprints can still be pretty difficult. There are challenges with time lags during videoconferencing, messy Sharpie sketches, and the need to ensure that everyone is viewing the same screen.

This three-part exercise helps your group to generate, synthesize, and share ideas in Figma. This is ideal in divergent or exploratory phases of a design project. Work across timezones and locations to generate ideas, even when you can't be in the same room. We've included guide to quickly get your ideation session up and running. Check out the DEMO tab in this Figma template. Read more about using the kit here.

The Distributed Sprint Kit, along with all of our Culture Kits are free, adaptable, and made for anyone who wants to make work better. We’re sharing our tools to empower and equip you to shape your own work culture. What ideas will you generate with this Toolkit?

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