Many of us have been trained from a young age to take a seat, to raise our hands, to ask for permission to speak. Even the most accomplished, most outspoken, most self-aware among us can still end up silencing themselves, often without even realizing what they’re doing. We’re unsure of how or when or where to speak up. Do we even have anything to say? Does anyone want to hear it?

Breaking through that silence and lifting up your voice is a process that requires you to be vulnerable and even uncomfortable along the way. You have to be brave enough to crack yourself open and see what’s inside. You might be surprised by the beauty and power you uncover.

This workbook will walk you through exercises designed to help you claim your voice; identify the things, people, and/or situations that silence it; and envision how and when and where you can use it.

The Personal Voice Workbook, like all Dropbox Design Culture Kits, is free, adaptable, and designed for anyone who wants to make work better. We’re sharing our tools to empower and equip you to shape your own work culture. Visit for more.

Available in color and black & white.

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