We want to help everyone unleash their creative energy—from the people who use our product to team members and industry peers. And to do that, we focus our product design on conscientiously bringing together the work and people we care about—including the design community.

We want to contribute to the design community in a real and meaningful way, which is why we’re proud to introduce our new design site, dropbox.design. This site is home to a curated collection of design tools and resources from our shared knowledge and experience. In it, we showcase the inspirations, practice, and beliefs that influence our design team, and share how we find enlightened ways of working to inspire individuals and teams to do the same.

Core principles

Every person and team brings their own design eye, expertise, and creativity to the group, consistently progressing our collective knowledge and ways of thinking. While craft has long been a cornerstone of design, at Dropbox we lean on our understanding of other design principles, like experimentation, diversity, generosity, and joy, to steer our creative direction and vision.

Experimentation goes beyond the perfection of pixels—it’s about combining ideas from many unique viewpoints, taking flexible approaches to the craft, and inspiring more enlightened ways of working. We seek out diverse backgrounds and perspectives that push our design practice to be more inclusive and thorough. By making our collective approach to design an ongoing conversation, we continue to learn from each other to build better products that inspire new ways of thinking.

Similarly, generosity is one of the key design principles we have the responsibility and opportunity to embody as a team. We embrace the opportunity to share and give back to the community—how might all of us share our ways of working so we can learn from each other?

Open creativity

With these core principles in mind, we want to offer the community tangible takeaways as part of our design site. With that, we’re introducing Culture Kits, a series of tools to help people and teams work better together. They’re shared under Creative Commons so that any and all teams can use and remix them to maximize their own team’s culture.

We hope the resources on dropbox.design challenge you to push the community forward, unleash your creative energy, and share it with the rest of us.

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